Health Guarantee

If kitten/cat is found to be showing signs of congenital malformation which adversely affects the length or quality of the animal’s life within 6 months following sale of the kitten/cat, or the presence of symptoms of a contagious or infectious disease (excluding URI, diarrhea caused by coccidia or giardia, other intestinal parasites and ringworm) within 7 days following sale of kitten/cat, purchaser must provide a signed veterinary certification, which states that kitten/cat was UNFIT FOR SALE (at time of sale) unless a separate agreement is reached by the seller and purchaser(s).

Unfit for sale certification must be accompanied by all veterinary documentation and tests/labs, which support the diagnosis, and the diagnosis must be verified by an independent veterinary specialist (i.e. in case of suspected heart condition, certification from a cardiologist not regular DVM).

This guarantee covers both genetic and congenital causes except feline infectious peritonitis, which could be a combination of infection and individual predisposition.

The animal must be presented to seller 3 business days after being issued the veterinarian’s certification stating the kitten/cat was unfit for sale.

Should kitten/cat die at anytime after possession and while this health guarantee is in force, a necropsy is required at purchasers’ expense, the results to be given to seller in writing from the veterinary professional that performed the necropsy within 15 days of the necropsy.

This guarantee specifically excludes any and all costs incident to shipping and veterinary expenditures. No monetary refunds either in full or in part will be given, and purchasers will absorb all costs associated with return and/or replacement of any cat/kitten.

Seller strongly urges the purchasers to continue insuring this kitten/cat during his/her life. Upon conditions above, seller guarantees to replace the kitten/cat with one of same color, gender and equal worth from the next available litter of kittens or at any such later time purchasers are ready.

Purchaser will be given the right to choose any kitten/cat from those available to others for sale. I have read, understood and agree to abide by the foregoing health guarantee. ____________ ____________

Purchaser(s) Initial Seller agrees that kitten/cat is in good health to the best of our knowledge with no liens or encumbrances against said kitten/cat. Seller makes no guarantee of show quality in a kitten/cat. Seller recommends the purchasers to have the kitten/cat examined by the veterinarian of purchasers’ choice during the first 72 hours after receiving the kitten/cat. However, the decision whether or not to have the examination does not limit or terminate the health guarantee above.

Purchasers are acquiring this kitten/cat as a companion animal and not for breeding/show purposes. As such, it must be neutered/spayed as soon as determined to be safe for her health by the purchasers’ veterinarian. The seller will retain co-ownership of this kitten/cat until such time this kitten/cat is neutered/spayed, and proper veterinary certificate or other proof of this procedure is provided to the seller. Thereupon co-ownership will be relinquished with all rights to the kitten/cat, not otherwise mentioned in this contract, belonging to the purchasers.

Purchasers agree and guarantee this kitten/cat will NOT be used for breeding purposes if not purchased for such. Purchasers agree that upon noncompliance with the forgoing spay/neuter agreement, seller will be deemed a 100% owner of this kitten/cat, and thus will have the right to recover the kitten/cat with no money returned to the purchasers.

Purchaser(s) may request (orally or in writing) registration and/or pedigree information to be provided to them after the kitten/cat is neutered/spayed, and seller will forward such documentation provided the above condition of proof of neuter/spay has been provided to the seller.

If this cat is sold for "show," seller makes no warranties for the titles this cat will achieve when shown in major association exhibitions.

Seller makes no express or implied warrantees regarding behavior or personality traits and/or predispositions.

NEVER is the kitten/cat to be placed at a shelter/rescue center! Seller will take the kitten/cat back and rehome it if necessary.

Under no circumstances will this kitten/cat be declawed, demeowed or surgically mutilated in any way unless a written consent is given by the breeder/seller. Under no circumstances will this kitten/cat be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility. Written consent by the breeder/seller is required of the purchasers (the person who signed this contract) if he/she wishes to co-own, sell, lease or give kitten/cat to anyone other than the signed purchasers of this agreement. The registration certificate of the kitten/cat mentioned in this contract must be returned to the breeder/seller. It shall be the decision of the breeder/seller if the registration certificate shall be reissued.

NO MONIES shall be returned to the purchasers. I have read, understood and agree to abide by the foregoing. ____________ ____________Purchaser(s) Initials

All of the stipulations in this contract apply to anyone purchasing a kitten from ______________.

The place of sale is considered state of New York, and any litigation that may arise out of this contract is to be heard before a judge of this County and State applying the laws of New York City.

Purchasers’ signatures indicate his/her/their full agreement with all of the above conditions and terms.

Puchaser signature:_______.        Date:______.

seller signature:_______.              Date:______.